by aylamantua


One of the most prestigious and big music event happening in Asia. It was held last Nov 22, 2013 in Hong kong.

Guested by the biggest performes around Asia and America. Through livestream I watched the event starting from their red carpet to their music performances. The event happened in more than six hours, from 5 to 10 pm. It was my second time watching the event to support exo by just doing it online.

There were alot of performance performed by famous Kpop groups like 2ne1,Bigbang, and Exo. For me their performance was awesome and spectacular. The most exciting part of the event for me is the giving of the awards. That night I didnt expect that I would cry. I cried because I thought Exo would not win any of the award, but thank God they had won even just one award. As a fan I’m really proud for them and I will keep on supporting them.